It has been said that passion is the key that unlocks all the doors in your life! And the greatest enemy of passion is familiarity. Max Lucado wrote the following after he almost lost his little girl. I hope this speaks to you.

“One of Satan’s slyest agents, the agent of familiarity, his commission from the black room is clear. Take nothing from your victim cause him only to take everything for granted. His aim is deadly, and his goal is nothing less than to take what is most precious to us and make it appear as most common.

To say that this agent of familiarity breeds contempt is to let him off easy. Contempt is just one of his offsprings. He also skiers broken hearts and wasted hours. He is an expert in robbing the sparkle and replacing it with the drab. He invented the yawn and put the hum into humdrum, and his strategy is deceptive.

He won’t steal your salvation; he will make you forget what it’s like to be lost. You’ll grow accustomed to prayer and thereby not pray worship will become commonplace and study optional. He will infiltrate your heart with boredom and cover the cross with dust so you’ll be sadly out of reach of change. He won’t steal your home; he’ll do something far worse, he’ll paint it with a coat of drabness. He’ll replace evening gowns with bathrobes, nights on the town with evenings on a couch. Romance with routine. The wedding pictures will look like another couple in another time. He won’t take your children, he’ll just make you too busy to notice them, he’ll make you forget the faces in your home will soon be in homes of their own.

Hence, stories will go untold, games unplayed, hearts untouched and opportunities unnoticed. All because the poison of the ordinary has deadened your senses to the magic of the moment. All because of Familiarity.”

Let’s wake up our passion for the magic of the moment!!!

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