Without persistence, the chicken would never break out of the egg! Persistence is necessary for victory. Daniel in the Old Testament persisted for twenty-one days in prayer, and an angel came from God with a message. Esther persisted and had all of Israel pray and fast for three days, and she delivered a nation. Abraham persisted for one hundred years, and God gave him a son. Joseph persisted for thirteen years in Egypt and went from prison the be the Prime Minister. Abraham Lincoln failed ten times but he persisted, and in 1860 he became the sixteenth President of the United States.

Persistence prepares us for the future, and without this crucial ingredient our future will turn out wrong. Consider how many people begin a sensible weight loss program only to quit after a few weeks. How many people start a modest savings plan that could someday be compounded into thousands of dollars, only to withdraw it for the latest TV, car, boat, etc…

How many gifted children that have high potential drop out of school. How many talented musicians never progress because they refuse to practice. How many treadmills, exercise machines that should have brought physical vitality and strength only they gather dust. All because we lack persistence. The good news is, it’s never too late. So get back your determination, fix clearly in your mind your objective, then with a will of steel, persist!

You might be inspired right now, that’s great, but you have to keep it going. I have just the thing that you need. Download my series called “Moving life Forward” don’t procrastinate. Do it now and when you do it now (spell it backward) you have won!!!!

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