There’s a fascinating Bible verse in Zechariah 9:12, “Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope.” To me, this truth is telling us that regardless of what life throws at us, our own limitations, or whatever situation we are presently facing, they cannot imprison us. Why? Because we are the prisoners of hope! You cannot be a prisoner of two prisons at the same time, you cannot be a prisoner of defeat and a prisoner of hope.

In the sport of boxing, there’s an expression “throwing in the towel.” This means that when a boxer seems hopelessly defeated or has sustained too many blows to the head, his manager will throw a towel in the ring. This signifies surrender and the end of the fight. But with God, we are prisoners of hope, never throw in the towel of defeat because defeat is not final.

Hope is that picture on the inside painted by the artist of the Holy Spirit that allows us to see into the future a new day, a new beginning, a greater tomorrow! Life tends to go in the direction of sight. Not external sight but internal. How you see yourself, your circumstances, your future. That’s why being a prisoner of hope, having a confident picture of life becomes a magnet that will pull you forward. Hope is called the anchor of the soul. More people have risen from defeat, death, sickness, and a host of setbacks, not because of intellect but because of becoming a prisoner of hope.

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