Steel is tested by fire; soldiers are tested by combat, and saints of God are tested by fiery trails. Listen, problems and failures expose our weaknesses and reveal God’s power. It’s like squeezing a tube of toothpaste, what’s in it comes out. When we face difficulties, we discover what’s in us!

There are several good things that problems do for us.1.  Problems have made us what we are. A study conducted on those that had accomplished great things had one common factor, they all overcame great problems.
2.  Problems cause the law of overcompensation to come. Realizing what you’re up against, you work harder than you would have without the problem.
3.  Problems are divine disturbers. Just like that alarm clock which disturbs my sleep, so I don’t miss the opportunities of the day. Problems disturb our conscience, so we live a better life. They make us dissatisfied with good so that we will want God’s best. They make us ashamed of our ignorance so we will want to learn and grow. They shake us out of complacency so we’ll climb a new mountain.
4.  Problems and difficulties produce brokenness, and God uses broken things.

It takes broken soil to produce a crop
It takes broken clouds to bring rain
It takes broken bread to produce strength
It took a broken alabaster box to give perfume
It was a broken tree that made a cross
It was the Master’s broken heart that brought salvation

Never allow problems to defeat you instead let them propel you to new heights and a new vision!

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