Foré, Papua New Guinea

In 1965 a small midwifery clinic was built by Graham and Irene Baker in the Eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea in a grass hut on a bamboo mat floor, with only a torch and small lantern.

Appropriately named the Irene Baker Health Centre, the clinic is located in Foré, a town situated 6,000 feet above sea level in the rugged mountains, 35 miles from the nearest town. It was recently stated by the Health Authorities to be the best rural health centre in the Papua New Guinea Highlands.

To understand this health center’s impact, you must understand the prior conditions. Before its existence, babies were literally born in the ground and in unsanitary conditions. The infant mortality rate was very low, and in the case of twins, the village people always let the weaker ones die. Most people over the age of 40 have been birthed in the health center. The valley population has grown from 5,000 to well over 20,000.

The out-patients continue to grow and have now surpassed 1 million since 1965. Over 15,000 babies have been born.

A new wing was dedicated in 2015, consisting of 6 wards and 36 beds. Victory World Missions is proud to have witnessed the success of this facility and continues to underwrite it financially each year.

Foré, Papua New Guinea

The Dr. Rob Carman Nurses Quarters is situated less than 200 feet from the new wing and, of course, on the security of the Mission Station Complex.
The building is over 2000 square feet with 8 individual bedrooms for an all-female staff.

It is outfitted with a kitchen, stove, refrigerator, two fully equipped bathrooms, and a lounge area for the nurses to relax. Each bedroom has a built-in bed with a foam mattress and wardrobe.

This is a very comfortable home for these nurses. Prior to their nursing training, many of them have come from village grass houses containing no toilet and washing facilities. These will be some of the best rural staff accommodations in the highlands of PNG.

Victory World Missions  continues to support the operations of the clinic as it has done for many years as well as any needs of the new facility.

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

We were privileged to meet Pastors Lyubo and Tanya Petkov in 2004. We were so impressed with their integrity, both spiritually and personally we began to form a friendship. Over the years, we traveled with them to Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, and Greece, conducting pastors and leadership conferences.

They have a great church and good leaders but are running out of space. Buying and renovating a building in countries like this is not easy. They require cash upfront before you can start. There are no loans.

The current church seats 300. The new building, when finished, will seat 400+ with a lobby, coffee area, youth center for 100, kids departments, and a missionary center. The entire facility is a total of 22,000 square feet. It is in a strategic area close to the train station. It will be a great place to train and equip pastors and leaders.

Last year, Victory World Missions contributed funds towards the purchase of a building, and this year helped finance a portion of the roof costs.

When you partner with Victory World Missions, you are giving to works like this that are making a difference in their nation.

Afrika Wa Jesu - Mozambique

Meeting Rod and Ellie Hein in 2001 was amazing, but hearing their stories about their lives made this relationship even more exciting. This couple’s work is a testimony to obedience in spreading the gospel. Ellie’s book, Mozambique: Beyond the Shadow, is a thrilling read that will captivate you with stories of war, peace, and love. I would encourage anyone to read it.

Over many years, Victory World Missions has provided financial support to projects such as buildings, food programs, and conferences.

Funds were sent, and a church was completed in Salina, Mozambique. The local community was very impressed as they had all denied that a church would ever be built in that area.

Watch for more exciting things in 2023 as we partner on another project!


Victory World Missions is proud to partner from time to time with other ministries around the world who share the
same passions.  


Founded by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole® and his family, CMN has made his classic Maximized Manhood the most widely read
book for men in the world. This movement continues today under the leadership of Paul Cole, Bishop Dale C. Bronner in
Atlanta, Dr. Robert Barriger in Peru, Eddy Leo in Indonesia, J. Doug Stringer in Houston, and other key men around the
world…working together in Mongolia, Germany, Uganda, China, Bulgaria, Botswana, Indonesia, Belize, Namibia,
Russia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and a hundred other nations.

Victory World Missions is working with Paul Cole and CMN with the Dangerous Nations Project.

Love Botswana

Love Botswana Outreach Mission is a pioneering organization, a growing and developing ministry that focuses on
equipping indigenous leaders to effectively reach their communities for Christ. The organization was founded by Drs.
Jerry and Jana Lackey in 1987, and was officially registered as a Trust in the Deeds Office of Botswana in 1995.

They always have exciting opportunities in which on several occasions through out the years, we have had a part and
look forward to contributing more.