Mr. James had suffered a major heart attack and a stroke; he had become so disabled that for two years during his waking hours he sat on the edge of his bed and did nothing but stare at the wall. His wife later moved the both of them to our city so they could be closer to their children, and that’s when the miracle started.

Mr. James was on thirty pharmaceutical drugs per day, fifteen in the am and another fifteen in the pm. Crushed in a cup with crackers and milk, it was like a pharmaceutical cocktail. Purpose will create power, but many times it requires others that see it and won’t give up on us, and that’s what happened to Mr. James. My wife approached him and said, “I need you, Mr. James.” Those are powerful words because they have the ability to reach inside us and pull out our greatness. She said, “I need you to run our tape ministry” (these were the days of cassette tapes). Mr. James replied, “I can’t do that, I never know when I’ll get up” was his response. “That’s alright whenever you do just come in,” but he continued, “ I don’t know how long I can stay.” “Stay as long as you can,” she said. She countered every excuse with a solution.

Mr. James agreed, he began to come, to get involved, take responsibility, and something began to happen, he started to get well, in fact, he slowly got off all medications, and his health and energy returned. Years later before he passed into heaven, Mr. James thanked my wife for giving him his life back! What she did was to give him purpose and purpose creates power! When there’s purpose in our future, there is power in our present!

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