As James Long said, “One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past.”
In contrast, someone who is unable to get over previous hurts and failures is held hostage by the past. You can’t move forward carrying the baggage of the past.

Chuck Swindoll tells the story of a Chippie the parakeet. “The bird’s problems began when the women who owned him decided to clean up the seeds and loose feathers from the bottom of his cage using a vacuum. When the phone rang, the owner turned to pick it up, and as you guessed it—with a thud and a whoosh, Chippie was gone.

The owner quickly turned off the vacuum and unzipped the bag. There was Chippie; he was stunned but breathing. Seeing that he was covered with black dust, his owner rushed Chippie to the bathtub, where she turned on the water full blast and held the bird under the icy water. At that point, she realized that she’d done even more damage, and she quickly cranked up her blow dryer and gave the wet, shivering little parakeet a blast.” Chuck finished the story by saying, “Chippie doesn’t sing much anymore.”

People that are unable to overcome the past are like Chippie. They allow their experiences to color the way they live their lives today. So, stop trying to rationalize the past, move out of your isolation, past your regrets and remember there’s no time machine; you can’t go back and change the past, so cut the umbilical cord of your yesterday and move forward!

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  1. I never gave my past a thought until my brother past away and all the the sudden it all came back to me like a vengeance! Now I can’t seem to get past the why’s of it? I Thank God for my Bible plans and inspiration stories like this one to open my heart more to God, and close that door back for good! Thank you!

  2. I had just sat down with my Bible asking for God’s wisdom and guidance regarding a relational issue with a colleague as I opened and read this email! So good to be reminded that once we have been shown the error of our way, repented and received forgiveness, we are no longer under condemnation even though we will be reminded of our old errors by the enemy! Greater is he who is in us, than he who is against us 🙏.

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