The book of Proverbs chapter 14:30 says, “A relaxed attitude lengthens a persons life.” So the opposite would also be true. That is when we are disturbed emotionally with anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, and insecurity, it would shorten our life. The big question is, how can I gain a relaxed attitude with so much chaos going on around me. Perhaps the following story can help.

During the days of WW2, someone commented to President Harry Truman that he appeared to bear up under the stress and strain of the Presidency better than any previous President. The job did not appear to have aged him or sapped his vitality, and that this was rather remarkable, especially given the many problems which confronted him as a war-time President. His answer was, “I have a foxhole in my mind,” he went on to say, as a soldier retreated into his foxhole for protection, rest and recuperation, he would periodically retire into his mental foxhole, where he allowed nothing to bother him.

Each of us needs a quiet place inside our own minds, a calm center, like the deep ocean that is never disturbed, no matter how rough the waves are on the surface. Prayer is perhaps the best place that provides this. Through prayer, we see within ourselves the bigness, greatness, and caring of our Heavenly Father. No wonder that Jesus was always going to a place of prayer.

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