Motivation is a powerful thing; it has the ability to change us, move us and bring about amazing results. The challenge has been how to stay motivated. If we depend on the external to stay Motivated it will be a hit and miss, to stay Motivated we need the internal, so let me help you readjust your internal picture so you can stay motivated!

I was conducting a leadership meeting some years back in Jamshedpur India, several hundred were attending this three-day event. The custom in India is to have two tea breaks a day, mid morning and mid afternoon. It was during one of the mid- afternoon breaks that myself along with the man that organized the event were sitting alone in the auditorium when I spotted an older man walking in. He had a white cane, and around his neck and chest area, he had two large sacks. He caught my attention, I turned to the man with me and asked a question. “Who is that man?”

With that, he told me his story. “He’s blind, he’s 76 years old, and for 40 years he has walked all over this region of India passing out what’s in those sacks, bibles and bible literature. That blind man has passed out more bibles and bible literature than anyone else in the history of India according to the Indian Bible Society”. “Wow, that’s impressive” I added. He went on to say, “Not only has he passed out more bibles and bible literature than anyone else, for all those 40 years he has always been led by a little boy. Every little boy that has ever led the blind man grew up to become a pastor, do you know how I know that?” “No,” I said. “Because at one time I was the little boy.”

A blind man in India is supposed to beg for a living, but somehow this man decided not to look at what he couldn’t do but to do what he could do! He might not have had sight, but he had a voice, a heart, a dream. So with self-motivation, he took what he did have and used it with all he had. To stay motivated stop looking at what you don’t have, or can’t do and instead focus on what you do have and can do. Focus is everything. Life always moves in the direction of what I can see, and we can choose what we want to see. You become what you behold. Do you see problems or potential? The past or the future? To stay motivated adjust daily your focus!

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  1. Thanks for all the love and wisdom,you shared with all the MDE Latino team at Dallas Texas.God Bless.

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