All of us desire health; we want to stay healthy in all areas of life. We all want the physical ability to function at our best, to have a life filled with interest, excitement, achievement, fulfillment and peace of mind.

However, many of us are robbing ourselves from this kind of life without realizing it. It’s called the law of cause and effect; we fight the effects on the outside while we nourish the cause on the inside. Staying healthy, how?

The following text is taken from the book, “Who Switched Off My Brain” by Dr. Carolyn Leaf. “Thoughts are measurable and occupy mental real estate. Thoughts are active, they grow and change. Thoughts influence every decision, word, action and physical reaction we make. Every time we have a thought, it’s actively changing our brains and body, for better or worse. As you think, your thoughts are activated, which in turn activates our attitude, because attitude is all of our thoughts put together and reflects our state of mind. This attitude is reflected in the chemical secretions that are released. Positive attitudes cause the secretions of the correct amount of chemicals, and negative attitudes distort the chemical secretions in a way that distorts their natural flow. These chemicals are like little cellular signals that translate the information of our thoughts into physical reality in our body and mind, creating an emotion. The combination of thoughts, emotions and resulting attitudes impact our body in a positive or negative way. This means, your mind and body really are inherently linked, and this link starts with thoughts.”

Staying healthy means raising our thoughts with good, wholesome, uplifting positive energy, we must remove daily the thoughts that are killing us, fear, worry, bitterness, hate, negativity, etc. Staying healthy starts by changing the cause so that the effect will change. As a person thinks on the inside, they become on the outside. The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts!

Learn to develop a hopeful outlook on life, our life will go in the direction of what we see, and what we see is formed on the inside. We can’t move forward if we are clouded by the past. Staying healthy is a matter of choice, and we can daily choose what comes into our minds.

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