There is an interesting and far reaching thought discovered in the book of Genesis. Soon after the first man Adam sinned, God asked him a question, “Where are you?” His response has become our response, and it has affected us emotionally, biologically and spiritually. His response was that he was hiding among the trees of the garden.

Today we are doing the same thing, and it’s killing our future. We must stop hiding. We are hiding from relationships. This type of behavior has created a self-absorbed life; it’s all about me. At the same time, it is bringing about isolation to the point that our lives have become totally out of focus because we have lost the lens of others.

Stop hiding. We are hiding in our homes. Media rooms have replaced dining rooms, instead of front porches to see and talk to your neighbors we have elaborate back porches. Each family member has a private room, bath, TV, internet. We seek more privacy and feel more alienated.

Stop hiding; we are hiding through busyness. Busyness is the new word to let others know that we are important! What we are truly hiding from is the truth that we are not as busy or important as we would like you to think we are. Isolation is devastating us emotionally.

Stop hiding; it’s affecting you biologically. Barbara Fredrickson, Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina, in her research discovered that our brains are tied to our heart through the vagus nerve. The higher the vagal tone, the greater the mind is able to regulate itself in the cardiovascular, glucose and immune system. Her research team discovered the vagal tone increases through being connected with others. In short, the more our lives are lived in a community and not isolation the healthier we become.

Stop hiding. It’s not only affecting us emotionally, and biologically but also spiritually. The Bible says that God’s word can only grow in a good and honest heart. If my only image of me comes through isolation, I become narcissistic, self-absorbed and I lose an honest evaluation of myself. Also, God’s word not only grows in an honest heart but a good heart. If my life is consumed on me, there’s no room for others. I stop reaching and stop growing.

When we stop hiding, we gain emotionally, biologically and spiritually. To hear this in its entirety download my series “How to Change Your Future.”

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  1. So true Rob! We don’t need to be isolated. And our lives are conducive to that we all of the busyness!! Great word!

  2. My husband just died …I want more of life than ever before. My husband was so sick I couldn’t go out for 9 years. I want to do so much. Pray for me

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