A lot is said about stress today, and it’s also a common part of our conversation. My wife and I love to watch a television program about people moving overseas. It seems that one of the main reasons that people move abroad is to eliminate stress in their lives.  So is stress a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is both.

It’s like a guitar string. If no pressure is placed on the string no music comes out, but, if you tighten the string too much it will snap! Too much stress will cause us to lose sleep, make us edgy and irritable, give us high blood pressure and a host of other problems. However, if there is zero stress then chances are we are placing no significance on what we are doing.

The bigger issue is where the stress is coming from. If it’s coming from relationships, fear, worry or mounting bills, then it’s the wrong type of stress and needs to be dealt with by faith, hope, and love. But good stress comes from a desire to achieve, to accomplish, to do more with your life. Good stress comes from an inner desire to be all that God made you to be with an awareness that you aren’t there yet!

That’s the kind of stress that gets the music out of you. Since balance is the key to life, it’s essential to eliminate the stress that comes from people, places or things and fill one’s heart with God’s dream and purpose for your life then go out in life and fight to win.

So are you ready? Let me help you, download my series “Finishing Strong” and get started.

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