One of the go-to words in today’s culture is the word “stressed.” The Bible says in Proverbs that a relaxed attitude lengthens one’s life. That being true we need to eliminate stress and to do so we must practice living out of our imagination, not our memory!

Dr. Irving Oyle confirmed the same thing. “Positive, beautiful thoughts trigger the release of beneficial hormones in the body and these, in turn, help the body to heal itself” on the other hand he said, “If you presume your life in a hostile universe, the reaction to that presumption is what wears out the body.” Then he added, “Prayer is a good way to combat anxiety and to promote healing … when you pray you assume that there is some force in the universe which is on your side, some powerful force. The minute you do that, your body relaxes. And if you really believe that God will respond to you, you have immediately instituted the healing process, faith itself creates the hormones that make you live longer.”

Lew Miller was shot five times in WW 2. Two bullets in his arm, one in his shoulder, and two in his head. Hospitalized his health declined, he lost so much weight that he went down to only 110 pounds. He was dying! Then something happened, instead of living out of his memory he shifted to his imagination by daily picturing himself strong, active, married with children and having a great job, living in a great community. The weight began to come back, and he later lived out his dreams. When his thoughts shifted from worry and dying to living, it gave his body a chance to promote healing. Stress came out, and God’s peace came in.

These are but a snapshot of what you will hear from my series called “Health and Wellness.” Download it today and get started.

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