The eagle is by far the most majestic bird; it’s called the king of birds, it represents freedom, strength, and authority. The eagle referred to in the Bible is the golden eagle or imperial eagle. Its wingspan is six to ten feet; it stands almost three feet tall, and can soar the heavens at an altitude of ten thousand feet and dive at the incredible speed of over one hundred miles per hour!

Apart from that, there is something else about the eagle that has captured my attention, and that is how they face the storm. With all of the other birds trying to find cover, the eagle takes flight to higher ground, where he has a perfect view of the upcoming danger, he’s not scared of the struggle because he understands something. The eagle then spreads out his wings and locks them into position waiting for the storm to come to him.

Samson, in the Bible, killed a lion, a few days later walking past the dead lion he found honey inside of it, ate it and gained strength. From a struggle came strength. The eagle faces his struggle, and when the storm does arrive instead of it hurting him, it helps him by lifting him up. So too in life, don’t run from things, face them because they are beatable.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Difficulties only make my feet go deeper into the ground. The more trouble, the more labor must be given”. Remember, kites don’t rise with the wind, they rise against it.

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