In the story of the Good Samaritan you find the line “And by chance there came a certain priest down the road … then a Levite…but a certain Samaritan.” By Chance! A lot of things happen by chance; you might have met the person you married by chance, gotten a job by chance, found the right house by chance. But that’s NOT what I’m talking about; you can’t depend on living by chance.

Instead, you have to take a chance! You will never develop faith until you take a chance. If all of life were a sure thing, you wouldn’t need to take a chance. A farmer plants his crop in the spring, and he spends money on seed, fertilizer, and labor, he is taking a chance.

When you start a business, an investment, or a new career, you are taking a chance. When a mother loves her child, she is taking a chance; no guarantees how he or she will turn out.

This life cannot be lived on the basis of everything being so precise and predictable. Those who rise to the top are those whose faith and love are willing to take a chance. So it’s time to step outside of yourself and find something bigger than yourself, so you can forget yourself so you can give yourself. In other words, it’s time to TAKE A CHANCE!

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