I want to thank so many of you that have sent personal messages to me regarding the impact that Rob had on your life. Those have been a tremendous blessing to read and reflect on. I need your help in putting those into one place. And this is how.

We have set up a page on our website to share a memory or a message of how Rob helped you. This way, we can preserve all those messages in one place to read to our grandkids about their papa/grandpa.

The Celebration of Rob’s life is being held June 23, at Trinity Church, 4300 Cole Avenue, Dallas, Texas, at 11 am. We will be live-streaming the service through the Trinity Dallas church website https://c3trinitydallas.online.church/, and if you miss it, we will have a link to watch it later. Reminder details will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and our site.

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  1. Pastor Rob Carman was an awesome preacher at VLF. I had fell away from the Lord, in the military at KAFB, when I heard of this church. I went and immediately fell attracted to his preaching. I re-dedicated my life to the Lord. I’ve been serving the Lord since. My wife and I were married at VLF. Thx Pastor Rob. My condolences to the family.

  2. Where can I find the details of Dr. Rob Carman’s death? He was my pastor for 9 years at Victory Love Fellowship, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  3. I starting going to v l f in January 1988 , I had left the catholic faith and in February 1988 I turned my life over to Jesus as a result of Pastor Rob,s teachings I have never heard preaching and teachings so powerful his teachings, his life and how the Lord used him to change my life. I will never forget him and all the years I spent serving and doing exploits for the Lord. I love you Pastor Rob and will miss you- thank you for all your hard work and leadership 😇😇

  4. I was captivated by Rob’s passion for souls & the over-the-top enthusiasm
    As he told the stories of where he had been & the people he encountered
    While obeying the Lord. Once while Rob was telling me of one of his ventures I had to stop him & ask “is that story true”? He smiled & replied “all my stories are true”! Thank you Rob for teaching me to Reject Rejection & to never stop striving to become better in every area of my life. Your precious voice will continue to speak loudly in my heart as a continuous reminder of the goodness of My God! Your legacy lives on in the lives of your children, grandchildren & the millions impacted by your ministry. Thank you for being an awesome Papa to our grandchildren & special friend to me. I’ll miss you & your true stories!

  5. It has taken me many weeks to be able to tribute for my Dear friend, co-worker and brother in Christ. Actually, when I think of Rob Carman it’s hard to settle on one title of honor.

    Hero in the Faith – he certainly was and is but he wouldn’t have said that of himself. He was too humble and kind for that…

    Walking, talking Antidepressant – that was the first public title I gave him in the early years. And he lived up to it in every way.

    Man’s Man – he carried this title in the most powerful manner. He was never arrogant or rude, always encouraging but challenging. Insightful and sensitive. Courageous and merciful.

    Rob, I know you’re part of the crowd of witnesses looking down from heaven. Thank you for being that ‘walking, talking Antidepressant’.

    Thank you for bringing Jesus to the four corners of the world.

    Thank you for walking into our lives with an open heart and open arms.

    Thank you for your love, grace, humility and mercy. Thank you for being a true messenger of the Gospel. I love you man.

    Ginger, your man touched my family and I so uniquely that his influence will be with us all until we meet again in glory. Oh what a day it will be.

    I wish we could be there to stand beside you as you celebrate his life. Praying for you and your beautiful family ❤❤❤

  6. Words alone are not able to express how much Rob’s life has impacted my own life, my husband’s, family and church.
    Legacy, legend, champion in the faith get thrown around a lot in these times, these words are all very true about Rob.
    Rob your tender love for Ginger, family and those you have spiritually fathered, discipled and mentored is an inspiration. You are a man full of grace and truth, without judgement but strong in principle.

    Your ability to be relevant and reach all ethnicities, socio backgrounds, male, female reveal the heart of our heavenly Father in You. Your belief in people is an example I will always aspire to live up to. You make everyone around you feel taller, hopeful and empowered. Your selfless acts of inclusion, made you one of the best connectors, networkers and relational builders for the kingdom of God.
    Your energy, passion, zeal for God, the lost and people is like no other.
    I truly feel very honoured and blessed to call you and Ginger one my dearest friends.
    You have fought the good fight, kept the faith and finished your race. You are missed, but your mark on our hearts and on earth will never leave. Give a big hug and kiss to my boy x
    Carolyn Carrello

  7. I always called Pastor Rob the Indian Jones pastor!!!! Loved hearing about all his adventures on mission trips and how excited he always was!! I believe we were one of the last couple’s he married at Victory Love Fellowship. What an amazing man of God. He had so much passion for the Lord and what an AMAZING story teller he was!!! Much love to the family, Ishmael and Paula Valenzuela

  8. In 1999 when my son Jonis was 2 years old he met and was prayed over by Dr. Rob Carman. I was eighteen and the only single parent at Texas Bible Institute. There wasn’t any rules for teen parents since I was the only one there, so I just applied, got accepted and took my son with me to many classes when he didn’t want to go to daycare and I took him to all the retreats. He enjoyed picking fancy ties for “Men’s” Advances. He looked forward to talking to the preachers…

    For the seven years that we lived in Columbus, TX every Summit and Men’s Advance I would dress mijo up and instead of attend PK’s Club he would be in the services with me under the annointing of Dr. Rob Carman, Tommy Burchfield, Dean Hawk, Phillip Baker, Mike Murdock, Charles Neimann, Tommy Barnett and even the great T.L. Osborne. One time even Joel Osteen’s mom went over out of her way to talk to little Jonis and she prayed over him too..

    I was a teen and single mother willing to do anything to live by faith and keep my son under the leadership of the greats. Everyone knows these preachers and world missionaries now, but I was 20 years ahead of the game investing in my son’s life, for such a time as this. I didn’t have a college education, a reliable car or a positive bank account. But I had my bible and my passion for everything the book of Romans, Ephesians, Acts and Philippians said…(I only had that much bible knowledge at the time)…

    I was always in “if I can just get my little toddler to touch their cloak-mode”. And mijo did more than that!! Jonis won their hearts and they would shake his hand, let him be up in the front row with them and they would pray over him. I would watch, respectfully from the back left corner of one of the side aisles. Some of the greats never even knew who the little boy belonged to but they would love on him throughout service. I will never forget those moments.

    ***Sidenote: I have always been a “it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission” kinda gal and this was the case at country camp and the favor God has always given me and my son.

    Pastor Rob often told a story of a young 13 year old mother who trusted God and lived by faith. Her son became the greatest neurologist in the world. He also always told us to always take our children on dates and on adventures…

    He is the reason I would take my son on dates and teach him how to be a gentleman. He is the reason we are river rats and have done some adventures we will never post about lol..
    He is the reason I never shy down. He is the reason the microphone falls easy in the palm of my hand and in the palm of my son’s hand. His boldness is what I learned most the 22 years he was our family hero.

    Pastor Rob is known to get so passionate when he preaches he slaps men on the chest…my son was always to little to be slapped😆😆…until right before he moved to N.A.S. Pensacola. Dr. Rob happened to be in town at our church and when he saw us, he knew us right away. And as soon as he heard Jonis was about to commission as an Officer in the world’s greatest Air Force he just started slapping his chest! ✋✋✋✋✋😆😆😆😆.
    God answers prayers even if some take 20 years lol…it was all I hoped for when my son was two years old.

    I never knew this would be the last time we would see Pastor Rob though. ..And he also prayed over Jonis, just like the good ol’ days. Except this time not for a little boy but for a man. I will never forget the power in his words over my son’s life.

    The story of the young mom is one of manynI hold dear to me. It is why I never gave up and never stopped trusting God as a young mother.

    My son is not a neurologist; he has a different life path but at the young age of 21 he became an aviator and 2nd Lieutenant. Pastor Rob talks about Warriors. My son is a Warrior. Pastor Rob is a Warrior.

    I hope our story can be a blessing like the stories I learned from Pastor Rob.

    I am the resilient mother I am; because of God using Pastor Rob to lead by example.

    My prayer is to continue to be loud and bold all the days of my life. And to hopefully share this so his family can have another story to add to their collection.

    Ginger we love you. We are here if yall need anything.

    Dr. Carman thank you for loving my son.


  10. My Heart at Victory Love Fellowship

    Victory Love Fellowship was the place and home where I found a true love for Jesus. Pastors Rob & Ginger ministered and led our discipleship through a loving and supporting church family in Albuquerque, NM, that will never leave our hearts and our lives. As God does redirect his children, He moved us out from under the wings of Victory Love Fellowship and sometime later, Pastors Rob & Ginger left solely into world missions. There can be a lot that we do not understand when God is moving— except holding on tightly to our anchor and keeping our faith. But God— never leaves his children. He had a plan. He had places for Pastors Rob & Ginger to be, people for them to touch. He had a furtherance of their destiny and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    My days of old at Victory Love Fellowship are clearly remembered, even palpable like they were yesterday! Today, I am living for God with a continued impact from the influences of Pastor Rob. The Bible teaches “train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart.” As a brand-new babe in Christ, Pastor Rob was our Shepherd, our teacher, our mentor. He influenced and implored us to live right for God! Pastors Rob and Ginger led us under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Though they moved on with their plans in God we were trained in our boot camp. Almost 30 years later, many principles he so taught and shared still come to my daily thoughts and are such, “The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook” (Prov 18:2). Pastor Rob taught simple, practical, yet profound principles of life. Such were the “boot camp of our day,” they were simple and basic.

    Still today, these truths taught from God’s Word are the underpinnings to my life, and surely to all whom he taught in the Lord. His teachings implored strong convictions in the foundational biblical principles of life that continue to ring in my heart and will not be forgotten:

    To fervently love God and serve God!
    To let your yays be yays, and our nays be nays— and to keep Your word!
    To be committed, dedicated, and loyal!
    To tithe, and to give whole heartedly!
    To sacrifice, and to work from our hearts!
    To never give up, because then comes victory!
    To seek Gods best, and to be Gods best, because “You are God’s best!”

    It seemed Pastor Rob easily moved into the next pursuit God had for him— He was continually enlarging his borders with exuberance and excitement. Nevertheless, Pastor Rob was living his passion for God! His vision of the world before him, and his passion for souls within him— he changed the world— he sought others to change the world!

    He always said, “Never give up, never quit! In God, the end justifies the means!”

    It took me back to a place I once called home while listening to one of his last videos he implored, “The victory justifies the struggle, it’s always too soon to quit, stay in the game, push forward, keep going forward, victory is on the horizon! God never ends a day on a sunset, he always ends it on a sunrise. The book of Genesis tells us, every day of creation in the Bible is the evening and the morning both were the first day. It isn’t reversed. We like to reverse it and say the morning and the evening, but God doesn’t because with God the day never ends! When the sun goes down it’s always a resurrection with God, it’s always a new beginning with God, it’s always a victory with God! So don’t have despair, whatever you’re facing right now keep pushing forward because victory is the inevitable with Him!” (February 1, 2021, Dr. Rob Carman, “Victory Always Swallows Pain” Facebook Watch.)

    When God led me to the ministry of Pastors Rob & Ginger, my heart and my life began in Christ and my life was changed forever in Jesus! They will always be true Pastors in my heart. Pastor Rob always said, “behind every great man of God, is a great woman of God!” Every time I think of Pastor Rob, I see Pastor Ginger’s face, and her right by his side!

    I am genuinely saddened and will miss knowing Pastor Rob is not out there somewhere in this world leading others to live their passion in Christ. Yet, I am overjoyed that he is in the glory of The Lord! As the apostle Paul said, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21).

    “I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, And nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him. That which is has already been, And what is to be has already been; And God requires an account of what is past” (Ecclesiastes 3:14-15).

    “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven,” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Pastor Rob will always live in my heart as an inspiration to live for God!

    Our Father has called his child home, and he has met his Savior Jesus, face to face!

    Pastor Ginger may your continued hope and life in Jesus give you the peace and healing until Your joining. May you know your Savior closer than ever, resting and leaning into the bosom of Jesus your Lord, as your family in Christ prays for your strength and your faith that it will not weaken in these days to come— but testify stronger than ever!

    As the precious words of the song “I Wanna Go” written by Nancy Harmon, and sung by Joseph Larson, “For God so loves you and awaits your coming where your loved ones are inside the gate, to eagerly meet the saints of old, and to meet The King of kings upon His throne!”
    We love you Pastors Rob & Ginger!
    In Christ,
    Kathleen, and Richard Collado✨🩸🕊
    May 22, 2021 0835

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