Does your work have dignity? Strange question? But before you respond, continue to read. Most of us hold the philosophy that work is a means to an end, so good work is work that pays us enough so we can support our families and pay others to do the menial jobs. A lower paying job assaults our dignity. We tend to look down on say the handyman, dry cleaner, cooks, lawn service work, etc.

However, the Bible paints a far different picture! Work of all kinds, whether with our hands or mind, brings about our dignity as a human being because it reflects the image of God in us! Work has dignity because it’s something that God does and we do in His place. Think about that. Not only does work have dignity but all kinds of work have dignity.

While in the Okavango Delta of the nation of Botswana my wife an I made friends with a couple from England. In our conversation I asked Peter what he did for a living, his response took me back. “I’m not telling you, you want to know so you can categorize my importance or lack of it.” Wow, there’s a lot of truth in that. If Peter had said he was a medical doctor, I would have seen him different than if he had told me he was a laborer. But God is different. Our God shows up in the book of Genesis as a gardener and Jesus came as a carpenter. So, simple physical labor is as high as a doctor or lawyer in God’s eyes! Without the simplest of work, human life would not flourish. Think of the farmer, baker, truck driver, retailer or sanitation worker; they are all contributing to human life.

All work has dignity because we are all called to care for all of His creation. So today as you work, gain God’s perspective and do it with everything that you have.

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