Two men were on a seven-mile walk, they were sad and tired, and because of that, the walk seemed slow. Most of our physical energy or lack of it is rooted in our emotional center. When our thoughts change from sadness to joy, our emotions and energy levels go up. These two men were experiencing a lack of energy and vitality. Then something amazing happened! A third man showed up and began a conversation that affected their lives.

This story is found in Luke 24:13-35 and is called the Road to Emmaus. The third man was Jesus, as He began to reveal Himself to them their eyes were opened, and then it happened, they were so filled with vitality and energy that instead of resting from their trip, within the hour they walked seven miles back to tell others. They couldn’t wait!

How can we tap the law of vitality? A constant flow of energy develops when we hold to thoughts of hopefulness, confidence, positiveness, and goodwill. When our minds become dominated by thoughts of this character, a high level of vitality comes. God intended us to live with strength and energy. The entire universe is charged with it! Since energy is maintained consistently in the natural world, we must form the conclusion that God meant to do the same in each of our lives. Another great secret of having vitality is to learn to move at a proper pace.

God’s pace is unhurried. For us to do this, it’s essential that we remove the reins of our lives daily and allow Him to take control. The Bible says to acknowledge Him in all our ways, and He will direct our paths and crown our efforts with success. Take each day at a time without the regret of the past or the worry about tomorrow. Do what you need to do today with all your heart and your life will be filled with a new vitality. Remember, worry never empties tomorrow of its problems only today of its strength.

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