I wanted to share a story I read called The Legend of the Three Trees. Two thousand years ago, on the slopes of the mountains of the Jordan valley, there stood three trees. One crisp spring morning, they began a conversation that sounded like this: 

The first tree said, “I want to be made into beautiful paneling for the Temple of God.”

The second tree said, “I want to be made into a sleek sailing vessel to go across the Mediterranean Sea.”

The third tree said, “I want to stay here lifting my branches to heaven.”

But what became of the three trees? The first was cut down and used to build a stable in Bethlehem, filled with cows, donkeys, etc. The second was made into a small fishing boat and was used by fishermen on the sea of Galilee. The third was made into three crosses for the crucifixion of common criminals. 

The stable: No edifice in the World ever received more glory because it became the birthplace of Jesus. 

The fishing boat: No pulpit worldwide had more honor than when Jesus preached from it. 

The Crosses: One of those Crosses held the Savior. 

The point of all the above is this. When we let God into what we do, even if it looks small and insignificant, it becomes filled with His presence and His significance. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you for that story about the Three Trees, a beautiful story.
    Let us think about Jesus as His destiny , like the “trees “ is so vitally significant to everyone!
    Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones

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