It’s a simple illustration but contains a great truth, that is this, a camera can only take a picture of what it sees, and that truth is evident with us. What we see, what we spend our time thinking about becomes the picture that is developed in our lives, change the picture, and you change the life.

Years ago, a young man was overcome with thoughts of worry that it brought about a total emotional breakdown. He said this if his condition. “My breakdown was so severe that I couldn’t talk, even to my own family. I had no control over my thoughts. I was filled with fear, would jump at the slightest noise. I avoided everybody. I would break out crying for no apparent reason at all. Every day was one of agony. I felt that I was deserted by everybody, even God. I was tempted to jump into a river and end it all.”

So the young man decided to “get away from it all.” Before he left, his dad gave him a letter. Upon arriving at his new destination, he was no better, he opened the note from his father, it said this. “ Son, you are 1500 miles from home, and you don’t feel any different, do you? I knew you wouldn’t because you took with you the one thing that is the cause of all your troubles, that is yourself. There’s nothing wrong with either your body or mind. It’s not the situation you have faced, it’s what you think about it. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” when you realize that, son, come home, for you will be cured.”

The young man, after reading the letter, went to a church, and upon hearing the sermon, he removed all the accumulation of litter in his mind and life returned. He changed the lens of the camera from the negative to the positive! So can you.

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