There’s an old story told about a beggar who was sitting across the street from an artist studio. The artist saw him and quickly began to paint his portrait. When he finished, he called the beggar over to look at it. At first, the beggar didn’t recognize himself. “Who is it?” He kept asking. The artist smiled and said nothing.

The beggar kept looking at the portrait until recognition began to come. Hesitantly he asked. “Is it me?” The artist replied, “That is the man I see in you.” Then the beggar smiled and said. “If that’s the me you see then that’s the me I will be.”

Sooner or later, we all become the person we see ourselves to be. If we see ourselves through God’s word with creative faith, then our faith in God will recreate us. But if our minds are obsessed with thoughts of insecurity and inadequacy, it is because we have allowed such thoughts to dominate our thinking. One of the quickest ways to depreciate yourself is to become awestruck by others and try to copy them. You can be YOU better than you can be someone else. In fact, you are the only person you can be, if you try to be what you’re not, you end up frustrated and defeated.

So let God introduce you to you, and that happens as you see Him describing you as a new creation in Christ Jesus, old things are passed away, and all things have become new!

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