Over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure, said that it was because of a lack of decision. Procrastination is the opposite of decision. I remember well an old story of about procrastination.

He was going to be all a mortal should be tomorrow. No one should be braver or kinder than he, tomorrow. The greatest of workers this man would have been, tomorrow. But the fact is, he died and faded from view, and all that is left when living was through was a mountain of things he intended to do tomorrow.

The problem with procrastination is that it decreases options and opportunities; the solution is for us to develop the ability to make and keep the correct decisions. People who fail, without exception are those that make decisions very slow and change their decisions quickly. Decisions must need to be made upon a definite conviction of the heart, and that conviction must be built upon a clear understanding of God’s word, as well as your purpose mixed with desire. If that doesn’t happen, you will find yourself coming under the influence of the opinion of others. Opinions are cheap, and everyone has them and will offer theirs to you. If you allow yourself to be influenced by the views of others, you will have no desires of your own!

Remember that committees make decisions based on compromise, but men and women (individuals) make decisions based upon conviction.

I’ve put together a series called “How to Change your Future” Download it, listen to it over and over, and apply the great truths, you will see in a short time a remarkable change!!!

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  1. Hey Brother Rob! I tried to email you a month or so ago, but it wouldn’t go through. Trying again now!
    What was the name of the island and city you told me about that has academies for schools, that might need a teacher?! I need an island vacation and change of scenery!!
    Say Hi to Ginger and know that we love you guys!
    God bless and keep you safe in your journeys!

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