When Jesus said “Nevertheless, not my will, but yours be done,” he was showing us a pathway to God’s guidance. When our will is committed to Him, it eliminates conflicts within us. Instead of us squandering our energies on countless decisions we can rest on the fact that God will direct us, and give us His signal.

The Pacific Golden Plover birds hatch in the northlands of Alaska and Siberia. Before the young ones are old enough to fly great distances, the old birds desert them and fly to The Hawaiian Islands. The young birds are left to grow strong enough to follow their parents.

One day these birds rise into the sky and set their course over the Pacific. They have never made the journey before, yet they must cross two thousand miles of ocean. During their trip they do not have even one opportunity to stop for rest or food; they encounter high winds and storms. They fly straight to those specks in the Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands. How do you explain something like that? God has put into those birds some type of signal that allows them to stay on course until they reach their destination. And He has made the same provision for us. When our lives are lived in harmony with His, that is when the signal can be felt, we gain an intuitive sense of the right direction and we can move forward with courage and confidence without the fear of getting lost.

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