Why Principles? Rules usually apply to specific situations and can be different and change with time, cultures, and countries. But a principle is something that applies and works regardless of time, situations, people or cultures. Principles foster thinking, reason, and train the mind to see beyond, to judge the future based on present circumstances. It teaches us to study and learn through the power of observation.

Let me give you a great leadership principle. The value of the whole is more important than the value of the part! So what I’m a part of is more important than the part I play. This thought needs to become a guiding principle for our life, as well as all areas of our life.

When our desires hurt the whole, then we become wrong. In observation of young couples today I see a violation of this. They tend to put their children as number one, allowing everything to revolve around them, their interest, school activities, sports, etc. What needs to happen? Their children need to see that they are a part of a family and the decisions made will be for the good of the whole, not the part. This principle is seen and practiced in our human bodies. Every cell works for the good of the whole. If the cells decide that they no longer exist for the body but the body for them they attract other like-minded cells and grow until they create a life source called a cancerous tumor, and if allowed to continue they will eventually kill the body.

It’s so vital that we see the big picture in all areas of life. This puts the focus away from us and onto what we are a part of. We become team players using and doing whatever for the good of the whole.

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  1. I just want to let Pastor Rob Carman as i knew him when i attended Victory Love Fellowship in Albuquerque, NM. Thanks to him, i was able to re-dedicate my life back to the Lord back in 1991. Thanks for all you did back then for me and my family. Pastor Carl Toti was the assistant Pastor who married us, Victoria and I, back in 1994. I loved Pastor or Dr. Carman’s preaching then and now!

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