Two older men happened to share the same hospital room, with only one window to look out of, the man closest to it would daily describe all he could see to his friend. He looked forward to those times as his roommate would in great detail tell him about the beautiful park across the street, filled with trees, flowers, the grass so green it looked like carpet. Each day brought another scene. A young mother with her newborn, children were playing ball, dads with their sons, and so on. The pictures played out in his imagination and brought relief from his condition. His bed wasn’t close to the window, but he was able to see it through his roommate’s words.

Each morning upon waking up, he waited with anticipation to hearing more scenes described. What was unfolding in the park? How about the sky? The clouds? He would listen about the change of seasons, autumn, winter, the first snowfall covering the ground like a white blanket. All of these images played out only in his imagination, but to him, it was so real as his fellow bedside partner took the time daily to verbalize all he saw through the window.

Then late one night his friend passed away, as he was removed from the hospital room he thought, this is my chance to be by the window and to see it all for myself. Filled with anticipation, the nurse came and moved his bed, as he raised himself up for his first look out the window, he was shocked! The window faced a blank wall. There was no park, trees, children, no, just a blank wall.

You and I have a choice. We can live out of hurt, disappointment a bad memory, or an imagination filled with hope and good news.

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  1. Tengo 76 años y soy muy positiva y trato mis limitaciones como una forma de confiar más plenamente en mi Padre Celestial. Me animó mucho este estudio. Muchas gracias

  2. Le agradezco mucho por todos los devocionales que estan haciendo cambios en mi mente y esto cambiará mi vida. Dios les bendiga

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