A man decided to do something about his worry habit, so he created the Thursday afternoon worry club. He was its only member, and this is what he did. Everything that brought on anxiety he would write it down and put it in a box that he would open on Thursday at 4 pm. At that day and time, he would open the box and worry.

After looking at all he had written down to worry about he made an amazing discovery, he found that 94% of them never happened.  When asked what he did with the other 6% he replied, “I put them back in the box to be worried about next Thursday at 4 pm.”

I think you get it. Most of the things we worry about never happen. But think of what does happen. Worry and fear are the most disintegrating enemy of personality. These evil twins disturb our days, haunt our nights, they tangle our minds with obsessions, they drain our energy, destroy inner peace, block power, reduce our effectiveness, and frustrate our ambitions. They are the poisonous well which we draw out our unhappiness.

What can we do?

To break its hold, we must gently but forcibly bring a healthier and stronger idea into our minds. This stronger idea is that of faith in God. When faith, rather than fear, becomes our practice we will master worry.  Find passages from the Bible against fear and worry and begin to fill your mind with those. Read and underline each scripture that has to do with faith and each day absorb at least one scripture into your heart and mind.

Remember, fear and worry are a conglomeration of sinister shadows, and a shadow has no substance.

Don’t do anything else until you download my series. “The Mind, Mental and Emotional Health.” Go through it several times, and you will see a considerable change in your life.

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