One thing we all want in life is to be happy, fulfilled and filled with purpose. For us to have these qualities, it’s essential that we maintain health and wellness and to do that, the following must be understood and practiced.

Elaine Johnson was surprised when she discovered that her headaches came from anxiety about losing her boyfriend.
Bill Landry found out his asthma was brought on by his constant complaints.
Hal Stevens could not understand why his diabetes flared out of control after he took a “stupid test.”

These cases illustrate the most intriguing subject in modern medicine, that is, the ability of the mind to produce various disturbances in the body. To add to the weight of this consider the placebo effect. Studies have shown the placebo to be influential in treating diseases, including asthma and Parkinson’s. In the treatment of depression placebos are stars, so much that psychiatrist Walter Brown of the Brown University School of Medicine has proposed placebo pills as the first treatment for those with mild or moderate depression.

“When our thoughts change our bodies change! Our positive and negative beliefs impact every area of our life. Our beliefs act like filters on a camera, changing how we see the world. And our biology adapts to those beliefs. When we understand the power of what we believe we will change our beliefs to the positive. We can live a life of fear or a life of love; we all have a choice. Make the right one; choose life!”
Taken from Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief.”

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