It has been said that the greatest source of human worry is about tomorrow. It was the first Easter, the women were going to the tomb of Jesus, they had missed the beauty of the sunrise, they didn’t stop to see the glory of the flowers along the way, why? They were worried about who would roll away the stone. And when they got there, it was already rolled away. As others have pointed out, God made provision for our needs long before we even had a need. Before we were cold, God began storing up oil, coal, and gas on the earth to keep us warm. He knew we would be hungry, so, before He put man on the earth, God put fertility into the soil and life into the seeds. In other words, our God has taken care of tomorrow.

The Twenty-Third Psalm gives us a beautiful picture of God’s provision for tomorrow. “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.” You see, the sheep knows that the shepherd has made plans for its grazing tomorrow. He knows instinctively that the shepherd has made ample provision for it today, so will He tomorrow. The sheep lie down in green pastures. God has our tomorrow, so we can concentrate and give our best today. All life comes from God, that includes yours and mine. If God can provide for the birds of the air and the grass of the field, He can handle and make total provision for your future.

This is an amazing thought, God has your tomorrows so you can give yourself to your todays. Download my message called “Connecting Sunday to Monday,” and this truth will be more alive.

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