All of us have failed at things, faced disappointments, and have gone through seasons of discouragement. What seems to make the difference in people’s lives is not what they face, but instead the willingness not to quit.
Don’t quit, there’s one round left, that was a famous line from one of the old Rocky movies. There he was, Rocky Balboa on the mat, down for the count, when all of a sudden his old coach who had died appeared to him and starting yelling, “Rocky, get up there’s one round left.” Those words caused him to rise to his full stature and win the fight. We all love the scene and I believe it can be played out in our lives, but how?

1) Don’t quit. Our attitude determines our environment. In the Okavango Delta of Botswana, there lives the great Okavango lion, these lions are larger than most lions and they can do three things that lions don’t do. They climb tall trees, they swim the rivers, and they can kill the hippopotamus. Why? The environment of the Delta is such that the lion has changed in order to survive, he has no control over his environment but he has adapted to it. However, unlike the lion, we can create our environment and then we can adapt to it. Attitude and outlook create our environment.

2) Don’t quit. People quit not because of big problems but because of small purposes. Change your focus. What gets your attention will get you. Call your attention not to the problems but to the solutions.

3) Don’t quit. A dam was going to be relocated and by doing so it would eliminate a small town. A man from the state was called in to inform the townspeople and help relocate them. As he approached this small community he took notice on how well manicured it looked, after informing them of their relocation he left. Several months later he returned and made a huge discovery, the once manicured town was in a terrible state, paint peeling, fences falling apart, yards unkempt. The thought came to him. “If there’s no hope in your future there’s no power in your present.”
Hope is a picture of a great tomorrow and it’s necessary to have it today because hope is what that pulls us through the difficult times so we don’t quit.

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  1. You changed my life at Victory love & I’m glad there is still a way I can receive God’s message & your inspirational quotes.

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