It was on Christopher Columbus’s maiden voyage to what now is America; that his men had grown weary after weeks without seeing any land or the signs of land. They spoke about going back, and in fact, it reached a place that if Columbus didn’t turn back, they would!! So he made a deal with them. Columbus told his men that if in three days they saw no evidence of land they would return home. But on the morning of the third day something happened, that would change the course of history; they spotted a branch floating on the water, the land was ahead!

Think how the story would have been different if Columbus has said two days! They would have returned with nothing but regret and disappointment. And think how your story becomes different if you quit too soon. The end justifies the struggle! It’s always too early to quit. If we give up and turn back in the midst of the struggle it leaves us with nothing but the struggle, the struggle can and will give birth to victory, which gives meaning to it. The Bible says that a righteous person can get knocked down seven times, but each time they will rise again! Jacob in the Old Testament wrestled with an angel all night until he won, from that struggle a blessing happened that changed history. Victory is always on the other end of a fight! The miracle will happen in the middle of the battle.

We all have situations of difficulties, it’s easy to quit in the struggle, but if we do we will live without any validation for what we went through, which can cause dissatisfaction and depression. So, don’t quit, push forward until victory comes. Then the end will justify the struggle.

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