In 1871 a young medical student was worried and upset over his future, like so many of us he was overthinking his path, “what area of medicine should I get into, what direction should I take.” Questions and thoughts like this are not uncommon but if they occupy all of our emotional real estates they leave no room for God. Then something happened to this young man that would forever change the direction of his life. He heard twenty-one words, yes, twenty-one words are all it took!

What were those twenty-one words? Here they are, “Our main business is not to see what lies dimly in the distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”

With that William Osler found the secret of living for today, he became the most famous physician of his generation. He organized the world famous John Hopkins School of Medicine, became the Regis Professor of medicine at Oxford, the highest honor given to any medical man in the British Empire. The King of England knighted him. Forty-two years later at the graduating class at Yale University, William Osler, giving the address said this, “My success was not due to my talents, intellect, or gifts, rather it all began with a simple idea of doing what lies clearly at hand and leaving the rest up to God.”

We can all plan our future, but we can only live today! So let’s give each day our best and let the future unfold with God’s blessing. I might add, whatever you plan on doing, don’t ask yourself if you have enough, or what it will take, instead ask yourself, do I have enough to get started!

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