So how can we get energy, strength, and excitement out of life? By the time you’re 18, you’ve watched over 18,000 hours of TV, listened to over 11,000 hours of music, plus thousands of hours on social media. That is well over thirty to forty thousand hours of entertainment. That’s almost ten years of your life, well over half. So, you might ask, what’s the point? The point is that it has made you a spectator to life and life is not a spectator sport it’s a participation sport! Almost zero energy, strength, and excitement come by being an observer but power, energy, and excitement come from involvement.
Below are a few things that we can start to do to boost our strength, energy, and excitement.

1) Stop waiting and start working. Some people are always waiting, waiting for the big break, the jackpot, lottery, waiting for things to change. That’s stupid! The lobster sits on rocks baking in the sun waiting for the ocean tides to come and lift him off the rocks and bring him back into the water, but most of the time he waits too long and dies from the heat of the sun, not making an attempt to even move towards the water. A lot of people are human lobsters, waiting, wishing for something to happen, let’s make it happen.

2) Do something; effort creates energy, strength, and excitement.
Be willing to start out small. Why? Great things begin small. Small hinges swing big doors; a giant oak tree began as an acorn, a single potato brought to England sustained it for one hundred years. Nothing works until you do.

3) Worry is the greatest energy drainer there is. For us to increase our energy, strength, and excitement, we need to do something about worry. Most anxiety comes from things that happened yesterday or perceived things that we think might happen tomorrow. Since we can’t do anything about those two eternities, let’s focus on today. We can handle today, so let’s live today with all we have, with excitement that the best is yet to come, by doing so we create the material that will build a great future.

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  1. This was Very encouraging and Uplifting to me today. I’ve been battling anxiety and depression and this totally helped me. Thank you and God bless you

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