There’s a story discovered in Matthew 25:14-30. It’s about a man that gave to his servants’ talents then went on a long trip. To one he gave five, to another he gave two, to the third he gave one. From this story, we learn some essential truths. For instance, we see that we are not all equally endowed.

Some have more intelligence and abilities than others. Some are stronger and more attractive, some are given better opportunities. But with all of us God has invested in our gifts and abilities, it’s not our business to compare ourselves, but to use what we have to the best of our ability.

To the person who uses the gifts and abilities that God has given we find these words, “Enter into the joy of the Lord.” This is one of the greatest statements in the Bible because it’s what we all want! Why do we seek certain things like recognition, possessions, health, security, friends, peace of mind? It’s because we feel those things will bring us joy. The underlying desire of all of us is to be happy. When we accept ourselves as we are and we use what we have as best as we can the “The joy of the Lord” will come to us. Notice that in this story one man had five talents, and the other had two, but each received the same joy. You might not be able to accomplish as much as someone else, but, you can be just as happy as anyone else!

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