What do you want this year? I’m sure the list might be a long one. But I’m sure there is one thing we all want and that one thing is summed up in the Bible scripture that says, “He that would love life and see good days.” We all want to be able to love life and see good days and we can! Here is how we do it. Forget and forgive the past. Most of our current problems come from what happened.

I can’t change what I did or didn’t do, but I can change my attitude towards it and how it affects me. I can cut the cord of yesterday by forgetting and forgiving. Then I recognize that God only gives life in days, not years, months or even weeks. We can plan for our future, but we can only live today. Every day needs to be made a great day by filling each day with joy, excitement, enthusiasm and believing that a bright future is yours. As we do this daily, fears and worries will follow us no more, because we are trusting our lives to God.

Last, understand that there is a simple way of living the Christian life, believe and accept the teachings of Jesus Christ. Read about Him in the gospels and form a mental picture of Him as you read. Then connect that picture to your present life, and by doing so, you will connect with Him! Through this simple act of faith, you will sense His life, His presence, and His overwhelming happiness. You will learn to put yourself last in life, and others before you. You will grow in optimism, hope and see a great 2018!

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