2019 can be different and can be your best year if you follow the wisdom of the Bible. Instead of trying to look at the whole year, follow the advice of God’s word. God gives life, not in weeks, months or years but days! So if we focus on the day and choose to make each day count, we will end up with a great year! So, how can we do that? Let me give you several things to do daily.

BEGIN EACH DAY WITH GOD. If you can change a day, you can change a life, because our life is constructed from our days. Psalm 92:1-2, “It’s a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and sing praises unto his name, to show forth his loving kindness in the morning and his faithfulness at night.”

PLAN A GOOD DAY. Good things seldom happen unless we think and work to make them happen. So trust God daily for guidance, acknowledging him in all your ways, and He shall direct your path.

ENJOY A GOOD DAY. Intentionally savor the good things that every day brings. Enjoy the sunrise, blue sky or clouds. Thank God for the smell of coffee, the taste of great food, the fun, and enjoyment that comes from family and friends. Purposely look for and express all that you have that is good.

MAKE GOD A VITAL PART OF YOUR DAY. And one of the most significant ways to do that is through prayer; prayer is communication with God. Something happens in us when we lift our voice in prayer, and we make a connection with His presence. The more our hearts are filled with His word, the more our prayers will be filled with faith which brings courage and confidence.

Lastly, follow the old example written years ago by a man that tried to take his life and didn’t succeed, he realized that God had spared him for a great purpose. He wrote the following which thousands have followed.

“The Way to Happiness”
Keep your heart free from hate, your mind free from worry. Live simply; expect little; give much; fill your life with love; scatter sunshine. Forget self. Think of others, and do as you would be done by.

Start this year by beginning your race to a great future and download my series “Born to Run.”

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