If I were to hold up a hundred dollar bill and ask the question, what is this? I’m sure I would get a variety of responses. Some would say, money, paper, legal tender. Others would see what money can do or purchase and may comment on its buying power or its ability to pay off debt.

Some would see it as a way of investing in the future through stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. I’m certain that one hundred people would give us one hundred different responses. But the question would remain unanswered.

So, what is money? When money is properly understood, character can be understood. Is it any wonder that sixteen out of thirty-eight of Christ parables deal with money? More is said in the New Testament about money than heaven and hell combined. Four more times more is said about money than prayer and faith. There are 500 scriptures on prayer and faith yet over 2,000 on money and possessions

So again I ask, what is money? To gain an understanding of what money is, we must face another question, which is, how do you get it? Money is acquired through one’s time, effort, skills, education, labor and hard work, etc. We give of ourselves to a company, person, place of employment or a business and are compensated. So then all money is, is us in another form. We can conclude that what a person does with their money they have done with their life. If I can’t handle money, I can’t control my life. Money is a revealer, a revelation of our character!

For much more on money Download my series “Biblical Economics.”

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