All of us have the capacity to lead, some more than others. However, all of us can increase in this area. When one thinks of leadership, they often think of those with a commanding presence, square jaws, big voices. However, that image does not hold up. In my years of training and helping to develop leadership skills in others, I’ve seen what real leadership is, and the good news is any of us can become great leaders.

You see you’re only qualified to lead to the degree you are willing to serve! Why is that? It is because those that serve always gain influence and leadership. It is all about creating influence. Years ago I heard the following story that illustrates this principle. A man who was running a furniture store had a problem selling his inventory. He said, “I’ve got to persuade more people to part with their money.” He had a friend whose response to him was brilliant. He said, “Your attitude should not be to get people to part with their money; rather it should be to help them. The purpose of business isn’t merely to make money but to provide a service”. Bravo!

That’s it! When we serve, genuinely serve others in any capacity, whether through our work, product, business or a church, those we serve will feel valued, because when people feel appreciated we gain influence which is what leadership is all about!

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