Work, we’ve cursed it, struggled with it, at times loved it or hated it. But I hope to reveal it and to do it in such a way that brings personal fulfillment, freedom, and a full expression of you!  Without meaningful work, we sense inner loss and emptiness. Work allows us to thrive emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is so important to us that the Bible tells us not to work one day and rest six, but just the opposite.

Leisure and pleasure are wonderful and needed, but we can only take so much of it! If you don’t believe me, just ask those who are in hospitals or nursing homes. How about retirement? You can retire from a job but not from work! Look at some of the benefits of work.

Through work, we realize and release our abilities. Work gets out of us all that God put in us.

Through work, we become useful to others, rather than just living for ourselves.

Through work, we help discover who we are, because through work we find out our distinct abilities and gifts, which is a significant component in our identities. Work is also a means in which we offer ourselves to God. The Bible says to “do your work as unto the Lord.” Think of a fish; it gets its oxygen from the water, not the air, so by staying in the water it honors the reality of its nature. When we work we honor the reality of our nature which honors God.

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