Work, what is it? First, let me respond by saying what it’s not. Most of us myself included have had a very narrow view of work, so think with me. Since the majority of our adult life will be spent working it only seems logical to eliminate wrong ideas of work, which would just add to our misery. What work is not! It’s not a means to an end, a way to make enough money to pay the bills and support my family (this is important, but it’s not the full picture.)

Work is not a place I gain my identity or make my mark, work is not my all-consuming drive and the thing I live for, work is not something I do so I can make enough money to enjoy life (the enjoyment of life is essential.)

So that brings us to this, what then is work? Work must be seen as a way in which God is caring for people and renewing His world. Work is not merely a job, but a calling and if it’s a calling than someone called you to do it. Listen to what Martin Luther and John Calvin said. “All work, even so-called secular work was as much a calling from God as the ministry of a monk or priest.”

Lutheran theology stressed the dignity of all work! “That God cared for, fed, clothed, sheltered, and supported the human race through our labor. When we work, we become the fingers of God the agents of His love for others. This elevates the purpose of work from making a living to loving your neighbors, and releases us from the burden of proving ourselves.”

God himself began with work. Each day He created He called it His work and said it was good. He loved work so much that He wanted us to gain from its enjoyment, so He set up six days to work! Through your work, you gain expression, creativity and can be a blessing to others!

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