Here’s a name that I’m guessing means nothing to you, Karl Downs. He was a Methodist preacher from Oakland, California, who died of a heart attack at a young age. Several years before he died, he was asked by the juvenile court to take responsibility for a young man that was always getting into trouble. He accepted the responsibility, and in a way became the young boys substitute father. Like I said, I’m sure you never heard of Karl Downs, but I’ll bet you have heard of the young boy that Karl impacted.

His name was Jackie Robinson. All of us remember the tremendous contribution made to not only baseball but all sports by being the first black man to ever play Major League Baseball. But had it not been for Karl Downs, perhaps the world would not have known a Jackie Robinson. Karl became a significant person, and so can you!

To be a significant person, we need to realize that there is a cause to live for, there’s a goal to reach, a purpose of achieving, a service to offer. The assurance that we are needed that we have what others want brings about life’s greatest happiness.

After every census in the United States, there will be literally millions of people that were overlooked, for some reason they were not counted. A lot of people go through life with the same attitudes that they have been overlooked. But God has never overlooked you. One of the greatest truths is this. John 10:3, “And He calls His own by name.” When someone knows your name, you always feel significant. God not only knows your name, but He also calls you by your name, think about that!

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