All of us desire to achieve; God created us to accomplish, excel and advance. Often we face disappointments and with those we draw back to a safe and comfortable place. But you can achieve, there’s more in you. Read the following and let it light a fire to achieve. So, are you ready?

Let me begin with a question. Can you tell me the wealthiest piece of real estate in the world? Fort Knox? India’s Taj Mahal? The Vatican? New York City? No! Give up?

It’s a graveyard, why? Because in a graveyard there are dreams buried that were never lived, songs buried that were never sung, ideas buried that went uncultivated, and love buried that was never given away. Don’t add the wealth of the graveyard! You can achieve more, much more. How?

1). Stop procrastinating, later you say, some other time, maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. An old bar in Ireland has a sign out in front, “Free drinks served tomorrow” yet they have never served a free one because tomorrow never comes. Listen to this story. He was going to be all a mortal should be tomorrow; no one should be braver or kinder than he, tomorrow. The greatest of workers this man would have been, tomorrow. But the fact is he died and faded from view, and all that is left when living was through was a mountain of things he intended to do tomorrow.
Get started NOW, right NOW, in your life, job, marriage, relationships and when you start NOW, spell it backward- you’ve WON!

2). You can achieve. The happiest and most fulfilled people have always been those that have lived their lives according to what you are about to read. Who are they? “They find something outside of themselves, bigger than themselves, that makes them forget themselves so that they can give themselves, then they will find themselves!” You can achieve. You’re like a bicycle; you can only have balance when you’re moving forward. So to be an achiever stop procrastinating, get a dream that’s bigger than you, a selfless dream and give your life to it.

You can achieve, and I want to help you. Download my series “Inspirational Stories.”

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