The very process of thinking requires a mental picture or image. Think of an apple, and in your imagination, you see one. Think of Abraham Lincoln, and his face flashes on the screen of your mind. We don’t think in words, we think in pictures. So when you think of God, you see some type of picture of God. The danger lies in the fact that it could be the wrong picture, which is tragic, why? Because we become like the image we have of Him, and if it’s the wrong image, we become the wrong person.

We can see a little of God in His creation, mountains, the vastness of the seas, the tenderness of flowers. But all of these fall far short and are insufficient. That’s why Jesus said, “He that has seen me has seen the Father.” The only perfect image of God we have is Christ! You can see Him through the words of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. For example, you can see His eyes. Luke 22:61, “And the Lord turned, and looked at Peter.” His eyes could flash with joy, melt in tenderness, and bring comfort to our hearts.

When we see His face in scriptures, we know it was a happy face, because little children ran to sit on His lap, plus He got invited to parties. When we see His face, we see His mercy and forgiveness, we don’t run from Him but to Him. When we see Jesus, our strength is renewed, purpose comes back, even if we’ve messed up, we see forgiveness written in His face. To encourage early Christians who were facing unbearable things, John writes in Revelation 22:4, “They shall see His face.” When you see Jesus, you’ve seen God.

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