How can you know the truth about yourself? How can you make a real evaluation? There is only one source we can turn to, to answer this question, and it’s the Bible. Scripture tells us that God created man in His image and likeness. From that statement alone, we can come to several logical conclusions about ourselves. First, an all-wise, an all-powerful creator would never use inferior products, any more then a master painter would paint on an inferior canvas. Second, our creator would never engineer us to fail, no more than a car manufacturer builds a car to fail.

To quote Dr. Leslie D. Weatherhead, “If we in our minds have a picture of ourselves as fear and defeated nobodies, we must get rid of that picture at once and hold up our heads. This is a false picture, and the false must go. God sees us as men and women in whom and through whom He can do a great work. He sees us as already confident and happy. He sees us not as pathetic victims of life, but masters of the art of living; not wanting sympathy, but imparting help to others and therefore thinking less and less of ourselves, and full, not of self-concern, but of love and laughter and a desire to serve… the old sense of unworthiness and failure must go. If it is false and we are not to believe in what is false.”

So let me add this; see yourself as God sees you, play that picture over and over in your imagination until it takes root!

The mind is the battleground, it’s the place that we need to take over. I’ve put together a series that has helped thousands called “The Mind, Mental and Emotional Health” Download it today.

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